Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unique Tubs from Bagnosasso

If you’re looking for a modern statement piece to take your bath from blah to brilliant, Swiss company Bagnosasso has introduced some unique tubs that are sure to intrigue and inspire. The Wave Diamond tub (pictured below) is designed to relieve stress while adding handcrafted art of wood and glass.

This freestanding tub features a base of mahogany wood that’s available in a range of colors to reflect your personal style, and is enclosed in walls of glass. If you’re into the warm and sophisticated look of wood, the Wave Skipper (pictured above) is a unique tub made of wood and inspired by the design of a luxury yacht.

From its sleek, flowing lines to the sheer opulence of rich mahogany, this contemporary bathtub invites you to soak away your cares.

Check out these cool tub designs at Bagnosasso.

All pics & info courtesy of www.trendir.com

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