Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo - WeSC Concept Store | Norway

Designed by Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo, the Designer Saturdays Award nominated retail space translates the action packed space of skating ramps into an indoor affair. The interior is constructed out of plywood, inspired by the material used to forge ramps, and everything from storage boxes to display walls and floor are clad in birch plywood tiles.
The tiles are crafted into boxes with the WeSC logo carved out of some of them, tying the clean yet deconstructed look together. 110 boxes are stacked in a deliberate haphazard manner as both storage and display. Spotlight and lamps are strategically placed to convey an effortless look that light up the store in a bright, playful manner.

All pics & info courtesy of

> WeSC

> Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo

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