Thursday, August 27, 2009

BMW MINI - 50th Anniversary - MINI Coupe Concept

As BMW celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the debut of Alec Issigoni’s original Mini, the MINI brand officially announced that a commemorative concept coupe will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow. The MINI Coupe Concept is a sporty two-seater which retains favorite vintage retro front end look of the four-seater MINI but a more streamlined back. Everything from the beltline up is replaced and the windshield that was originally upright is now swept back and sheltered by a truncated roof.

The little speedster is lightweight with a perfect distribution of gravity for stability and grab, and is designed to accommodate the most powerful engine in the MINI family. The 1.6L twin-scroll turbo-charged power unit enables the coupe to rip through at a 211 hp.

Finally a model for those who loves the look of the MINI but is seeking something that’s a little wild card as well. Check out the photos before more interior looks are revealed this coming September.


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