Friday, August 14, 2009

omer arbel office: seating

Omer Arbel office is a Vancouver-based design practice that was founded in 2003 specializing in furniture, lighting and architectural design. the studio, founded by designer Omer Arbel, is now well known for their experimental furniture designs. one of their first projects was the ‘2.4 chair’ made from cast resin with a stainless steel skeleton.
The chair is cast in layers on its side using a variety of opaque and transparent colors, making each chair completely unique.
Following this the studio produced the ‘8.0 chair’ made using an ultra strong concrete that allowed the design to be extremely thin with a seemingly impossible cantilevered seat.
On the softer side, their ’25.0 chair’ does away with upholstery foam, compensating by providing a vast excess of fabric, which is allowed to fold and pleat haphazardly.

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