Thursday, August 13, 2009

House on the Cliff Carved Into the Solid Rock

Villa Astrid is another beautiful work by Wingardhs design studio on dramatic West Swedish landscape. The crucial parameter for the design of Villa Astrid was dictated by the local building code, which stipulates a 3.5-metre eaves height and a roof pitch between 14 and 27 degrees. This effectively reduces the size of the villa as seen from the street where only one storey is visible.

The structure as a whole is carved into the solid rock of the hillside and the architect left a big chunk of that same rock in the living room and bathroom as a reminder of nature. The roof is made of concrete, insulated with Foamglas and then clad with metal sheeting.

The walls have been built in solid, light-weight concrete, plastered on the inside and outside, and then clad with metal sheeting. The black, pre-patinated, copper sheets are bound by limestone gravel around the base of the building.

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