Tuesday, August 25, 2009

David O’Brien Artwork

David O’Brien’s architecturally derived ink and color pencil paintings are instantly captivating. Dynamic geometrical shapes – prisms, diamonds, pinwheels, stars, etc. – leave you mesmerized, and quite possibly hypnotized. Its simplicity is spectacular, but at a closer look, it’s actually not simple at all but rather incredibly mathematically and geometrically abstract. What’s so interesting about viewing O’Brien’s work is the feeling like you’re departing from reality and entering a world of kaleidoscopic chaos and cosmological bliss.
Now based in Los Angeles, O’Brien started out his career at Virginia Tech – receiving a degree in Architecture – and later working for the legendary Frank Gehry for several years before navigating his artistic energy into a more elemental, fine art practice.

Nice !!

All pics & info courtesy of www.yatzer.com

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