Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lacoste Porcelain Polo Shirts by Li Xiaofeng

Lacoste invited Chinese porcelain artist Li Xiaofeng to create two different polos for their Holiday 2010 Collector’s Series. The first is a printed polo, created from photographs of blue and white porcelain shards with lotus and children designs from the Kangxi Period (1662 – 1772 AD) of the Qing Dynasty. 

The printed polo is limited to 20,000 pieces for both men and women and comes packaged in a silk pouch stamped with a red seal logo. The second, is an actual porcelain polo inspired by the early Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644 AD). The most expensive and most exclusive Lacoste polo to date, the piece took Xiaofeng three full months to paint, fire, fragment, shape, polish, and finally link together. 

The porcelain shirts are currently on display in France at the Musée des Arts et Métiers and will then head to Beijing in the Fall at Li Xiaofeng’s first one-man at the Red Gate Gallery.

via Yatzer

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video: Barry McGee Installation @ Oakland Museum

“Commissioned installation by Barry McGee for Reopening of the Oakland Museum of California’s Gallery of California Art.” 

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Porter Union Backpack

Normally known for basic offerings like their Boston, totes and briefcases, Porter actually has a pretty dynamic line up of more experimental bags like in the case of its Union backpack, which doubles as a tote. Inspired by American gardening tool bags, it features some pretty neat technical properties in the form of a heavy duty polyester construction with a water resistant interior liner.

Available here.

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Roll it Experimental Housing

Roll It is a cool experimental house, resulted from the collaboration among different institutes within the University of Karlsruhe. This cyclindrical design is a modular prototype that provides flexible space within a minimum housing unit. Including three functional sections: a bed and table in section, an exercise cylinder, and a kitchen with a sink.

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World Ferrari: Abu Dhabi

Here the center “World Ferrari” devoted to the Italian mark, in the town of Abu Dhabi. A park equipped with a roof with 200.000 m ² carrying the logo with Ferrari, with a museum and several tracks of race. It should open its doors in October 2010, a few days before the GP of Formula 1.

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KOO Bassinet/Rocker by Lunar

American industrial design firm Lunar have introduced the KOO baby bassinet that unfolds to become a cozy feeding rocker.

Visit the Lunar website – here.

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Royal Rock Limited Edition - Ventury Paris

Inspired from the poise and glamour of Parisian chic, the Royal Rock limited edition furniture takes a bold approach with its new creations.

More infos here Ventury Paris

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Wave Desk by Robert Brou

The Wave Desk by Robert Brou
The ‘Wave’ desk is the first of hopefully many works which utilize this ‘Slice’ technique. This desk was built for valued clients residing in Dallas, GA. Their requirements were for the desk towers to each have file folder storage with a drawer above. One tower has a smaller drawer with a pullout work surface above. This was designed so their young daughter could have a work area next to Mom and Dad’s.

What I created exceeded all of their expectations. The two towers are clad in 2 ½” thick Poplar lumber that is carved into a random ‘Wave’ pattern. Between each layer there is a ¾” tall reveal, just large enough to fit adult sized fingers. This eliminates any need for drawer pulls as you simply grab an individual section and pull. Poplar is naturally light in color with prominent green streaks so I stained the wood a Van Dyke Brown color to match the rest of their décor. I then came back with a spindle mounted wire brush to abrade the exposed vertical edge while keeping the top work surface perfectly sanded.

The wire brush exposes the grain in a very interesting way that creates a wonderful tactile quality. To my way of thinking this also mimics bark that is present on live edge slabs.
This ‘Slice’ technique is perfect for any cabinetry that uses drawers or pull out units. The innovation of having a way to create cabinetry that lies outside the ‘box’ as it were, is a very liberating feeling. I cannot wait to get back into the shop and explore these ideas more.

Visit Robert Brou’s website – here.

All pics & info courtesy of contemporist

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nine Hours Boutique Hotel

Designed by Tokyo-based company Design Studio S, the Nine Hours (9h) is a unique boutique hotel in Kyoto, Japan. The hotel offers luxury and minimalist aesthetics in a tiny living space, featuring 125 rooms (capsule units), personal lockers, showers, and a lounge.

The concept of this capsule hotel is based on a comfortable place to rest while in transit in big cities in Japan; 1 hour shower, 7 hours of sleep, and a one hour break = 9h total. Guests can spend up to 17 hours in a single stay.

The hotel’s interior design consists of clean lines, crisp White color with a touch of Black, and beautiful graphical icons to guide you through the different areas.Each capsule includes high-quality bed sheets, slippers, toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, body soap, bottled water and a smart system by Panasonic, where according to the time set, the light will wake you up.

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