Thursday, March 4, 2010

‘Wooden Textiles’ by Elisa Strozyk

Having studied at prominent arts colleges in Paris and Berlin, as well as for a MA in ‘Future Textile Design’ at London’s influential Central Saint Martins, Berlin born Elisa Strozyk is particularly well qualified, and it shows with the artistry and originality of her work, in particular her beautiful ‘Wooden Textiles’ project…. an innovative study of contrasting materials, hard and soft, flexible and rigid. Strozyk’s work is an antidote to the increasingly virtual, non-tangible world we live in, her vision is that “giving importance to surfaces that are desirable to touch can reconnect us with the material world and enhance the emotional value of an object”… with products this challenging and beautiful, reconnecting to the material world would be no problem whatsover….

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