Thursday, March 25, 2010

Godspeed Furniture

Godspeed, a small conceptual furniture studio based out of Tel Aviv, Israel sees the opportunity of giving life back to these overlooked and undesired materials that end up in trash.  Joy van Erven (Holland) and Finn Ahlgren  (Sweden) possess an unorthodox mentality and a purposeful choice of materials opposing the high style world of design that lead into a conceptual furniture company that embraces waste and gives it a second life or better said, a life.

As the name describes, Godspeed is essentially that, furniture in a one-hour time frame.  They have created a unique process where they hurdle the sketching phase and go straight into building the furniture pieces by themselves, similar to a performance art piece where it occurs right there and then.  This unconventional process and the raw nature of their materials offers a distinctive and individualized perspective to their work, therefore elevating its perceived and cultural value to its consumers.  Their pieces range from takes on baroque, contemporary and plain experimental.

Their raw, medium and well done furniture versions captivate our pre-conceived notions of what furniture design is.  Due to its intimate process of making by hurdling over other phases like planning, sketching and so on, they are able to inject their imminent emotions and create sculptural into the pieces.  Honesty, playfulness, humor and wit are some of the descriptive terms that unfold in these one of a kind pieces.

you are who you decide to be...Adapt & Overcome.

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