Thursday, March 18, 2010

14 Unique and Stylish Chair Designs

Bookseat Chair

Brilliant combination of a chair and a bookshelf saves space and creates a perfect place for reading. [link]

Zero Gravity Chair

This recliner chair encourages good posture when sitting and is probably the closest you will ever get to experiencing zero gravity. [link]

Roulade Chair

Stylish combination of a mattress, chair and a couch designed for the Mungo Park theatre. [link]

Leaf Chair

Elegant minimalist chair designed by Mehtap Obuz for ilio. [link]

Myrkr Chair

Cool chair made from a single laser cut sheet of 12mm plywood and 144 dowels with no metal connections. [link]

Cube Chair

Elegant chair concept designed by Svilen Gamolov from Bulgaria. [link]

Robo Chair

Stylish modern chair design by Italian designer Luca Nichetto. [link]

Ode Chair

Contemporary chair hand crafted from wood by Jolyon Yates. [link]

Eklipse Chair

Modern chair designed by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic merges the boundaries between art and furniture. [link]

Vertex Chair

Triangular planes meet dynamically to create this stylish chair. [link]

Firewood Chair

Sheet of steel curves around your firewood to resemble a chair. [link]

Orchid Chair

Beautiful and stylish chair designed by Christian Flindt. [link]

Self-Sustainable Chair

Creative dress connects to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble. With each step, the dress slowly transforms into a chair. [link]

Chrome Chair

Continuous morphing polished aluminium loop in the form of a chair. [link]

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