Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Emmanuelle Moureaux: Acrylic Furniture

'Kodachi' ('grove' in English) is a stand for fragrance sticks. Each of the 14 colored acrylic vessels are embedded into a larger transparent acrylic box.

French-born and Tokyo-based designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has created the 'Shibafu table'.
56 slender colored acrylic sticks are randomly arranged into a piece of transparent acrylic, creating an aesthetic, reminiscent of a colorful shibafu or lawn. The sticks support the transparent acrylic panel, while refracting and reflecting light as if they were soaking under water.

The colored sticks appear and disappear, and even seem to bend at times depending on the angle
at which you view them.

The starting point for the 'stick chair' comes for the pick-up sticks game 'mikado', which originated in europe. 7 round wooden sticks are placed obliquely in order to properly support the heavy piece of acrylic which forms the seat. Although the chair does not look stable, the arrangement of the sticks provides a structural balance.

Visually, an 'unbalanced balance'.

An accessories box which draws on the form of sageju or japanese tiered lunch boxes.The parts can be arranged freely like a three-dimensional puzzle, making it possible to enjoy the piece in many different combinations of colors. It is designed to act as storage for cosmetics and accessories, and can also be used in the office for small stationary items.

The acrylic x komono series of products is a design collaboration between Emmanuelle, acrylic brand Waazwiz and Japanese cosmetic brand Pola, with SCV (Shizuoka Contents Valley Consortium) and Sachio Hihara's initiative.

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