Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The window displays of ja! studio

ja! studio has been creating shop windows for the clothing company Loreak Mendian under the concept of transmitting the essence of the Brand through smalll installations on a monthly basis. There is no better word to describe the aim of the conceptual windows in San Sebastian, Madrid, Barcelona and that is: provoke!
The marketing department meets every semester to develop series of displays and determine on a product on which to focus each month. Once done the window dresser makes up the ideas and the window design is set. The setting consists of a diaphanous space (white, in most cases) that covers an area of 6x 9.50 sq (m2).
Sockets and rails on the ceiling are usually used in order to give the chance to create different atmospheres. That’s why most of the windows also have dual, night and day, lighting system. The items used in displays range from digital productions, waste material, daily utensils to specifically designed items tailored made for a job. Synthetic paint with different finishes, cardboard, shellacked wood or vinyl are some of the materials to be taken into account when performing a display.

All pics & info courtesy of www.yatzer.com
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