Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mansory’s next is a carbon fiber Aston Martin DBS

Mansory, the refining specialist who has earlier presented the carbon fiber parallels for Porsche and Bugatti Veyron, has done it again with the Mansory Cyrus, an all-carbon fiber Aston Martin DBS. The black beauty comes with a list of accessories including a new aerodynamic power pack, a coil over suspension and massive rims in XXL.
The exteriors feature a newly designed carbon bonnet along with a newly designed rear skirt. And the interior refinements include pedals and foot rests made of aluminum, new door sills and head rests with embroidered Cyrus logos and a re-designed steering wheel with airbag.

Also available on demand is a set of tailor-made carbon parts for the dashboard and center console. The Cyrus aerodynamics components are made of light “prepreg autoclav carbon” and include wing extensions for the front and back besides side skirt attachments and linings.

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