Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creating Beijing 2050 // A Bubbly Vision of the Future

Beijing based MAD Architectural office has designed the following concept project as it represented China in the 2006 Venice Architectural Biennale.
The concept // Beijing 2050 // three scenarios for the future of Beijing―a green public park in Tiananmen Square, a series of floating islands above the city’s CBD, and the “Future of Hutongs,” which featured metallic bubbles scattered over Beijing’s oldest neighborhoods.
Radical redesigning and small scale interventions were necessary due to the limited space, for the well being of the hutong occupants and the enhancement of their living conditions. MAD Architects conceptualized the hutong bubbles and integrated them into the urban design scene. The concept of the hutong bubbles is to attract visitors, activities and resources and revive the living in the district.
The bubbles co-exist with the traditional courtyard residences as their intention is to multiply radically and fulfill the occupants’ needs while allowing them to live hygienically in the old hutong neighborhoods of Beijing. The long term goal is for these hutong bubbles to integrate into the neighborhood, the history and the people of Beijing by giving it an uplifted look by the year 2050.

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