Friday, September 11, 2009

David Sims and Karl Templer for Nike Sportswear “THE AW77″ | Featuring Kobe Bryant

Another athlete who needs no introduction who has worked with Nike Sportswear and the campaign compiled with David Sims and Karl Templer to portray “THE AW77″. The image Kobe Bryant paints is of pure success and reaching for the limits of being an athlete as well as creating an image off the court with his presence. As an athlete who has his own Nike sneaker, Kobe Bryant is at the pinnacle of his game similar to the label he represents.

“The number 24 for me is significant because it means approaching every day like it’s your last and taking it one day at a time, which is significant because there are 24 hours in a day. So for me it’s about cherishing each moment.” “You look good, you play good, that’s basically what’s it’s about. And I’ve always been the kind of kid that I wanted to make sure I had everything color-coordinated, everything was pressed, everything was matching. That’s just the way I grew up, making sure you look sharp at all times.” Kobe Bryant

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