Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stussy x Jam Home Made - Black Diamond XXX Collection

Japanese accessories brand Jam Home Made is well known for their superior quality accessories and leather goods and Stussy have teamed up with them to deliver these Black Diamond collection for their XXX campaign. Each item is carefully crafted to contour the skin and body. Included in the collection are rings, neck brace, key chains, wallet chains and wallets that express the characteristics of both brands brilliantly.

The most intricate are the BK Diamond College Rings that come in 18k gold, silver and black with each detailed with a large black diamond. 18k gold version is made to order while the other colorways are available as mass production. On the sides of the rings feature the Stussy logo as well as XXX logo that is debossed. All of the other items are also branded with special XXX designs that mark the 30th anniversary.

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