Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Decades + 1 Million Toothpicks = Amazing Mini Model City

Designers know that building a model can provide unique insides of a place, be it a building, public square … or an entire miniature folk-art model of downtown San Francisco that took nearly 35 years to construct, toothpick by tiny toothpick.

Starting in the 4th grad, Scott Weaver (a bit like his avian namesake has stacked, glued and essentially ‘woven’ an entire urban landscape from scratch. He has worked at this hobby-turned-passion ever since.

It is not exactly a realistic rendition of San Francisco. Rather, its interpretive style grew and changed over the half-lifetime it took to create, as detailed in this interview.

As it evolved, so did its interactive components: it also has 15 feet of internal tracks through which people can roll ping-pong balls starting at various entrances and all winding their way slowly to the bottom.

Watch the video !!!

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