Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Earthship Lollipop: An Eco Gingerbread House Complete with Wind Turbine!

Khai Foo & Elise Young of Solus Decor and Eastside Design have taken all the sugary pleasures of the gingerbread structures we know and love, and put a sweet eco-twist on them with their Earthship Lollipop! “Combining old school wisdom and high tech convenience, the Earthship Lollipop features a rammed-icing English Mint wall with high Cocoa-mass qualities to mitigate sweet-loss,” write the designers.
They created their eco-conscious treat as part of Creative Room’s Gingerbread competition, where architects laid down their foam core and picked up cookie dough and rice crispy treats in a glorious battle of edible model-making – all to raise funds for Architecture for Humanity.

“Though the house is fueled by high-fructose corn-syrup, the organic (sugar glass) solar panels and windmill can provide supplementary energy, if eaten, ” write Young and Foo. “The house materials are 100% locally sourced and bio-digestible.” With a piping mug of cocoa-plaster, no doubt. Is it really sustainable if it only lasts long enough to get in our bellies?

+ Solus Decor

+ Eastside Design

+ CreativeRoom’s Gingerbread Competition

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