Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Incredible Collages Crafted inside of Tiny Toilet Paper Rolls

Toil paper rolls … every home has them, but artist Anastassia Elias put in the time and effort to turn these ordinary, dull-brown & disposable cardboard tubes into delicate and precise works of creative recycled craft. But be careful of paper cuts!

Each piece has to be carefully cut from inside so as not to disturb the exterior of the roll – an almost absurdly gentle approach to one of the most commonplace waste materials on the planet … yet somehow reminiscent of the ancient art of painting inside of blown-glass balls, which had only the smallest of openings on one side.

The scenes are intentionally domestic, a subtle reference to the source material (itself of modest and simple origins). People are shown idling at home or sitting, bored, in the midst of a meeting or classroom setting. While unlikely to make the rounds in high society or at gallery openings, these do go to show just how something as simple as a toilet paper roll can become the basis of an impressive personal arts & crafts project.

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