Monday, October 5, 2009

Talking Garden @ “Magazine Alive” Pop-up Store

Kuntzel & Deygas-created Caperino & Peperone recently launched a new pop-store entitled Talking Garden, at “Magazine Alive”. The shop done in conjunction with Vogue Nippon and COMME des GARCONS features various collaborative product, including an installation from COMME des GARCONS under the direction of gardener-in-chief- Rei Kawabuko.

Celebrating Vogue Nippon’s 10th Anniversary, Talking Garden will remain open through October 2009, with highlight product including pieces alongside Doban, Shokay, BeautifulPeople, and COMME des GARCONS along with signature Cap&Pep product such as the LightSpeed Lanterns, the ArtOfSleeping music compilation, and the “HypeNotic” totebag.

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