Friday, October 9, 2009

H&M Home Reflections in Stockholm

Home Reflections by H&M in collaboration with UXUS Design is the first of a series of installations to follow at the H&M Home Collection headquarters in Stockholm. On September 25, 2009 H&M launched their new line which is an expected brand extension for a retailer to expand their product range from apparel to home textiles and accessories.

However, this is no ordinary H&M Home line as they didn’t want to create just another H&M Home product range! They opt for risky and creative brand reinforcement via the impressively creative showroom installed by UXUS Design in their space in central Stockholm. Home Reflections is just the beginning of a series of installations, with a lot of *reflection* by the means of mirrors to reflect on how this brand new experience of interior design moves a step beyond from the familiar home design environment to a creative exhibition-like setting and the customer becomes both the critic and the creator of his own composition.

UXUS approached the project by creating a “gallery” of fun fashion home products which encourage the customers to touch and explore the installations. H&M Home is a gallery/showroom using poignant product presentations, which threshold on art, to encourage customers to engage with the brand. The design approach assists the customer greatly in engaging with the brand as the store is more like an exhibition that will feature different themes.

The first installation Home Reflections with the combination of mirrors and suspended furniture creates an exhibition that reminds us of a scene from Alice in Wonderland as she falls down the rabbit hole and sees everything upside down! While the mirrors reflect the craze and vibrant colors as if we are in Wonderland but not Alice’s! Anyhow, this shop installation imagines the world through a looking glass, and explores the ever-changing relationship between identity and style.

You can visit the installations which will be set up and changing till the first days of the new year 2010 at the H&M Headquarters Store:
Mäster Samuelsgatan 46A
10638 Stockholm

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