Friday, October 16, 2009

ilovedust x Yamaha Giggle Moped

Perfectly dubbed the Giggle, Yamaha’s latest Moped is designed to generate a warm reaction from others with its styling harking back to the 60s with analogue instruments and bold bodywork. Combined with green credentials including low emissions and petrol consumption, the Giggle has a universal appeal to a wide range of fans. ilovedust sought to capture the essence of the Giggle with a bespoke all-over pattern featuring a town to country story.

Drawing on the bold aesthetic of the bike itself, the bright, distinct graphics reflect the Giggle’s cheerful spirit. Taking the guise of a never-ending journey, the design narrative starts in a built up city and follows a route past church spires and townhouses, across bridges and into the country. Through twisty roads, cornfields and vineyards the story reaches lakes and rivers.

To sit alongside the moped, a classic open face helmet has also been given an ilovedust makeover. The Bell R/T, designed in 1971 remains unchanged, perfectly matched to the Giggle’s style.

Further information regarding the creative collective, ilovedust, can be found here.

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