Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recycling Shipping Container Dwellings by JC Green

The idea of living in an old shipping container is fascinating, especially if it looks like one of these structures from IC Green, Inc. From 320 square foot studios to 2400 square foot homes, these container dwellings are excellently designed and score major points in sustainability.
Aside from the recycled shipping container bones, the insides boast their own green features: radiant flooring, green (living) roof, dual flush toilets, etc. I have to say it: ingenuity at its best!

IC Green is the next breakthrough in housing and sustainable green structures. Designed to be architecturally pleasing yet affordable, IC Green manufactures and pre-assembles a wide-range of structures from small backyard cabanas and office space to expansive residences.

IC Green combines the skills and design excellence from our in-house architects and builders to deliver you a fully engineered, affordable and high-quality product that exceeds most finishes of many high-end custom homes.

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I always fantasize the idea of living in a place like this.

you are who you decide to be...Adapt & Overcome.

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