Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Lacquered Console Table - bathroom console vanity by Devon&Devon

Italian company Devon&Devon says it best with this sleek, black lacquered console table. This classically inspired, contemporary-style bathroom console vanity is elegance personified with its sinfully sexy curves, tapered legs and glossy black finish.

The piece is available with the choice of Carrara, Nero Marcquinha or Afyon Bianco marble vanity top. Pictured, a gorgeous, tuxedo-chic white porcelain basin sink (also available in black), is perfectly complemented by clear-crystal drawer pulls and cast-aluminum legs in a modern, high-polished chrome finish. For a more traditional look, legs also come in gold tone or nickel plate. For the look of sophisticated luxury, this black lacquered console table says it all. The bathroom vanity measures approximately 107x58xH85 cm. Check it out at Devon&Devon.

One of the sexiest bathroom console table I've seen so far!!

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