Thursday, July 30, 2009

An interview with Kikuo Ibe - The Father Of G- Shock !

Practicality, a word crucial to any engineer, including one by the name of Kikuo Ibe. So when he broke a valued watch of his some 20+ years, Ibe decided to create a practical watch for every men (and women) that will endure punishments of daily usage. You see, Kikuo Ibe wasn’t just an engineer, but the Chief Engineer of Research & Development of Casio. Today, he is also considered at “The Father of G-Shock”, the timepiece that define not only practical applications but survivability as well.

Recently, right after the launch of G-Shock’s “Shock The World Tour 2009 - Asia”, we made a brief visit to Casio research facility to talked Ibe-san regarding how it all started, the implication of G-Shock in urban culture today, and what lays ahead…

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