Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ribcage Chairs : Eduardo Benamor's Airy Rapigattoli Seating

The Rapigattoli by Eduardo Benamor is a chair, but a chair resembling what it is supposed to host: a human body, or at least the bones that structure the human body.
Although still a prototype, it looks organic and at the same time futuristic.

The Rapigattoli chair reflects on the idea of adaptation and scale. It transposes figurative and geometric drawing techniques on a physical object such as a chair.

Eduardo Benamor is a Portuguese architect born in 1975. In Eduardo Benamor’s words: 

Originally, generated from a single profile configuration encasing the seat and back, the primal profile is arrayed along the perimeter of a circumference creating the necessary surface for use. Four legs are added strategically by mirroring the first profile 45 cm above the floor. The Rapigattoli chair wood flexion and rib structure enhances the chair softness and lightness while changing the framing of the surrounding space: a new type of transparency is constantly created while the perception of amount of surface material is permanently altered.


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