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Paper is an inexpensive resource that can be transformed into amazing concepts once touched by a skilled paper artist. Dutch artist Paula Arntzen is one of these people who love paper and experiments with it. Experiments that turn into objects of desire in the world of contemporary design.

After constant study and observation she managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of the paper and its special characteristics; a knowledge that gives the designer the chance to demonstrate her talent by using a simple material like paper which can be transformed gracefully in any shape or form.

Arntzen’s Paper Process was presented during the new years party from platform Tape and at the Arnhem Mode BiĆ«nnale 2009. The project refers to hand made paper lanterns that can be used as a decorative touch thanks to their high quality materials and cutting edge design.

Her inspiration comes from the daily life observation; information is collected and elaborated before it’s transformed to the next successful concept. This is a procedure through which the designer decides not only the form and shape but also the elements that will determine and lead to a multi-function object creation.

A creation that will serve as both decorative and functional item that can be used in a space or event. Special attention is given to every detail and good quality in order to create high design items from such a simple material. Arntzen also designs modern furniture and home products focusing on concepts with colour and light in open spaces.

Paula Arntzen graduated in Artez Academy where she was selected as one of the best students. She has also been selected for the exhibition “Talent 2009”, an exhibition where the 125 best graduates of Europe present their work. Her graduation project for Arnhem Mode BiĆ«nnale was her first assignment and also a success. Her current work is presented in Intermezzo gallery in Dordrecht (Holland) from 10 December until 24 January 2010.

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