Friday, May 7, 2010

UK pavilion at shanghai world expo 2010

                    the union jack is visible on the exterior


                     detail of rods from the exterior

   detail of seeds imprinted on the ends of rods          
                    the rods connected to electrical circuits

                             the rods glowing at night

The concept behind Thomas Heatherwick's UK pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, is an enclosure that throws outwards from all sides, a mass of long radiating cilia.

The centerpiece of the pavilion is the seed cathedral, a six storey high cube-like structure, pierced by approximately 60 000 x 7.5m long slim transparent acrylic rods which sway gently in response to any wind movement. During the day each of these rods act like fibre optic filaments, drawing on daylight in order to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod allow the whole structure to glow from the outside.

The pavilion is situated on a landscape which resembles paper which once wrapped the building, but now lies unfolded on the site. The surrounding space provides an open venue for public events and along with shelter for visitors.


All pics & info courtesy of designboom

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